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Vogt Super Chute

The Vogt Super Chute is a high quality ramped shooting board, particularly suited for precision planing of end grain. The ramp introduces a skewed cutting action **. The boards are made from Europly veneered in Maple, with solid 1/4″ thick Maple on the top front edge and a 3/4″ cleat on the base. It features a runway surface of 1/8″ thick UHMW tape that the side of the plane travels on, and a bearing strip of extruded Acetal which the lower 3/16″ of the plane sole bears against.


Vogt Super Chute Runway Detail

Unlike traditional shooting boards, the sole and plane iron are deliberately set slightly away from the side of the board. The sliding fences can be easily adjusted to meet exactly the cutting edge of the iron to support the fibers of the workpiece. You can plane with a heavier cut one time and reset the fence out if you use a shallower cut the subsequent time.

The 90 Degree Fence, the Miter Fence, and the Donkey Ear Fence all consist of fixed and sliding fences that are adjusted by a hex key.

Vogt Super Chute Hex Key and Magnet

Vogt Super Chute Miter Fence

Vogt Super Chute Donkey Ear for shooting carcase miters

The fixed fences have micro-adjustability to ensure accurate 90 and 45 degree settings.

The Miter Fence and Donkey Ear attach to the board with steel locating diamond pins in steel liners. This easy on and off arrangement allows you to go back and forth between functions in no time at all.

Vogt Miter fence pins

They both further lock down with the turn of a knob using Mag-Jigs (trademark symbol), repainted black.

Vogt Super Chute Donkey Ear Magjig

This is a serious tool for precision end grain shooting. Because of the low drag as the plane bears quietly against the Acetal and over the smooth UHMW, there is a high degree of feedback that allows the user to really feel the cutting action.

Ordering options

The Vogt Super Chute can be ordered with or without the Donkey Ear attachment. It is available in a Left Hand version as well.

A Parallel Guide Strip can be ordered to be installed for use with the Lie-Nielsen No. 51 Plane.

Vogt Super Chute with L-N No 51

The Guide Strip has an acetal bearing edge and holds down with cap screws in threaded inserts.

Vogt Super Chute Parallel Guide Strip – End View

To place an order, use the Products Page or call 518-584-0641. E-mail:

An excellent video overview of the Vogt Super Chute done by Shannon Rogers of the Hand Tool School can be seen here.

** “There is end-grain planing, for smoothing the ends of a board or fitting miters. Here the blade must sever the wood fibers rather than separate them one from another. If the cutting edge is not sharp, the fibers will be pushed forward before they yield. Separation from their neighbors will occur and small splits will appear perpendicular to the surface (or at an angle, in the case of miters). Small mouth openings and cap irons do not help in this case, but sharp edges, low pitch, and skew cutting do.” ~ APPENDIX A: THE CUTTING ACTION OF PLANE BLADES

by John Whelan. Used with permission from the Astragal Press.