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Cover-PictureWorking wood began for me in 1980 with the building of our home in Northumberland, New York. Tools, materials and techniques were all a new world. Following several months of lifting, positioning and fastening lumber and after several thousand sawcuts, our homemade shelter stood ready for us to inhabit.

In the ensuing years some people in the Saratoga community figured that if I could build a house then perhaps I could build them a bookcase, a cabinet or a table. This happily coincided with the emergence of the inspiring and informative Taunton Press and Fine Woodworking Magazine books on the magnificent works of the Shakers and of the contemporary masters James KrenovSam Maloof and George Nakashima.

Three plus decades into this woodworking journey I now find myself designing and building pieces that fill peoples’ homes from the den / office, living and dining room, kitchen to the bedroom and bath; sometimes all in the same house. This strikes me funny sometimes, recalling a comment someone made after we had moved into our humble and starkly furnished, rustic abode; “You’ll be able to make your own furniture.” I thought at the time that he was stretching things.