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The Stabilizer

Most of us who have any experience using hand held routers understand the reason for an offset subbase. Here is how Pat Warner explains it:

“Routers are tippy. Most of the mass of these machines is above the control knobs. On inside excavations this top heaviness is unnoticeable, especially when the casting is entirely surrounded […]

Chasing a Perfect 45° Bevel

A fixture used to produce an angle had better by right on, as on the Donkey Ear for the Vogt Shooting Board. Close ain’t cuttin’ it. It’s easy to get in the ballpark but not to hit home runs consistently.

If you want to bevel a plywood edge to 45° the tablesaw is the […]

It’s A Good Day

A demo from 2005. Listen to Ray’s voice and have a good day!

On blogging

First off, a note of gratitude to and Paul and Joseph Sellars for this aggregate site that we go to daily. It has been a vital way for me to connect to the world of woodworking enthusiasts.

Next, I want to thank the many bloggers for their inspiring posts through the years. You deserve […]

A nice video from WIA 2016.


I am pleased with the video on Popular Woodworking’s blog about shooting boards. It was filmed at my booth at Woodworking In America in the quiet before the doors opened.


Shooting Boards: Must-have Appliances

Planing Stop from Vogt Toolworks

The Planing Stop from Vogt Toolworks is an excellent addition to work holding hardware at the bench. The wedges support boards up to 1 1/8″ thick for edge planing, providing more stability than trapping between bench dogs.

A simple clamping block secures it in either a shoulder or leg vice.The screw-on clamping […]

Universal Drill Press Table for the Vogt Drill Press Fence

The Universal Table, made of ¾” Europly, is designed to allow the Vogt Drill Press Fence to work on many differently sized and shaped metal tables, round, square, and rectangular, steel or aluminum. Tool Steel plates create tracks that align with the two Magjig 150s on the fence. For drill press columns with rack […]

G is for…

In addition to the classic cabinetmaker’s triangle, acronyms and numbers, carpenters bird beak mark, and hatch marking used to identify wood parts and joinery, I’ve added the letter G to my marking system. It’s especially useful when applying adhesive to long edges of tapered parts during production runs where one edge remains dry and the […]

Dog Attacks Table for its Hide Glue

Can you imagine this sweet dog attacking a table? That’s what she did, viciously ripping a leg off and chewing away the mortice cheeks. The table had been near a pellet stove which warmed the animal protein glue and made an irresistible fragrance.

Repairing furniture isn’t my bag but the challenge in […]

Building Bridges

It doesn’t take the earth long to fill in a bare landscape. When we began building our house in 1980 farming activity ended in a two acre area that had been part of a thirty five acre tract, a certified wetland, it turned out. In this picture it is in the foreground behind the flowering […]